UCMHP Life Mentor Coach Practitioner

UCMHP Life Mentor Coach Practitioner



The course for becoming a UCMHP Life Mentor Coach Practitioner aims to provide its attendants with a fundamental grasp of human profiling and a clearer understanding of who they truly are. To accomplish this, participants will be given frameworks to guide them along this journey of self-discovery in the hopes that by the end of the course, they will be able to reach important realization about themselves in respect to the following attributes:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Hidden Potential
  • Career
  • Health
  • Academics
  • Family
  • Business or investment
  • Your Relationship with Friends / Spouse / Boss / Business Partners

The aim of this course is for participants to undergo personal development and empowerment so they’re ready to become the best versions of themselves.

Price of courses: $2,599

Course topics

Topic Description Topic Description
1 UCM Human Profiling Charts: 32 Steps to Knowing Your True Self

  • Extrovert, Introvert & Ambivert
  • Intuition Number
  • Hidden Potential
  • Idealist, Pragmatist & Realist
6 Compatibility Formula

  • Relationship Between You and Your Children/Spouse/Boss/Business Partner
2 UCMHP 9 Year’s Cycle Chart 7 Annual World’s Outlook

  • 9 Years Cycle

Annual Personal’s Outlook

  • 9 Years Cycle

Monthly World’s Outlook
Daily (24hrs) Personal Outlook

  • 9 Days Cycle

UCMHP Profiling According to Time of Birth

3 The Star of Knowledge – Integrating With NLP and DISC
Enhancing Your Career & Academics Choices
8 UCMHP Personal Life Code
4 Personal Health Check
Potential Cancer, Heart-Attack and Heart Related Numbers
Inheritance Diseases
The Star of Health
9 UCMHP Missing or Excessive Codes

  • Special Numbers
  • Unlucky Numbers
  • Common Numbers
  • 9 Remedies
  • 6 Personal Goals
5 UCMHP Direction Chart

  • Wealth, Luck and Success


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